Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best written smackdown...ever? Well, in a long time.

Not a lot of people know this, but Roger Ebert is an absolute master of the written smackdown. Not just the world's foremost movie critic, but also a scathing wit who has delivered some of the greatest jabs against those with inflated egos of all time. (The title of one of his books, Your Movie Sucks, is taken from perhaps the greatest of them all, his slam of Rob Schneider for Deuce Bigalow.) Now, he has come up with yet another brilliant smackdown of another inflated egomaniac, Bill O'Reilly. Love O'Reilly (and I hope you don't) or hate him, you must read this:

References to Conrad Black are nice and poignant, but Squeaky the Mouse? Fantastic.

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  1. Ebert is a wordsmith, to be sure. I don't pay any attention to O'Reilly's blustering as I believe that his agenda is simply to retain viewers. His brand of yelling seems to attract a lot of folks who don't (or can't) read and have zero skills in the critical thinking department. It would seem that the cause he most fervently believes in is Bill O'Reilly and much of that ridiculous right wing patriot schtick is merely an act.