Monday, June 29, 2009

New Cynical Cinema reviews today

Stone of Destiny - Some Scottish kids steal a stone from Westminster Abbey in 1950. Kate Mara is all hot and stuff, but I'm bored to death.

Columbus Day - Val Kilmer phones in his role as a thief who has pulled off a big score. And I actually mean phones it in. He spends almost the entire movie on the phone. And I'm bored to death. It happens on Columbus Day. Which is some American thing.

Home - A really interesting, really strange French film about a family who live an idyllic life until the freeway gets built next to their house. Then they slowly start going insane, one by one. Absurd, but if you speak French it's worth taking a chance on this one. Some good nudity too, from Adelaide Leroux.

La Jeune Fille Et Les Loups - Again, a French-only movie. Again with some good nudity, this time courtesy Laetitia Casta. However, the movie sucks. And there is not enough boob to make it even close to worthwhile.

Galapagos: Les Iles Qui Ont Change Le Monde - Again, French-only. How tough would it have been to add an English narration track on this nature documentary? Really. The filming is spectacular though, in any language.