Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Metallica...

Another ad for Guitar Hero: Metallica, still featuring the basketball coaches. Starting to get a little silly here...I believe this concept jumped the shark midway through this commercial. I hope there's no third installment.

At least these coaching legends have a really good sense of humour about the whole thing!

And once again, the link to those enterprising kids.

Just to keep this link the top one on my blog, in case people want to continue to vote for the Nepean CrazyTrain without scrolling down...

And remember, you can vote as often as you like, and every day you vote you get entered into a contest for Cup Final tickets. Frankly, it is a very obnoxious process to vote, but you're entering a contest yourself at the same time, and you only have to sign up to the website once.

Losing weight through brute force...the aftermath.

Since losing 40 pounds, it hasn't been much of a struggle for me to keep with the program I began. In an effort to make a big final push, I avoided all carbs and dairy products, which was a substantial struggle. It has been a relief to go back to eating sandwiches with bread and hamburgers with buns and putting cheese on my omeletes. But over the course of the ten weeks where I was eating five or six times a day, I developed some habits that are carrying over. I would purchase a certain amount of vegetables - celery, green pepper, carrots, cucumber, etc. I would chop them up the day I got them and put them in containers in the fridge so that for the next week, I would have easy and quick access to them when I put lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber on a wrap, or in an omelete, or whatever.

This is a habit I plan to continue. A couple of days ago I went grocery shopping and chopped up the onion and the tomato and the green pepper and so on and so forth, which makes eating the stuff I like that much easier every morning. I have also discovered that food I cook myself almost always tastes better than any food I might purchase. I'm still stocking the fridge with a few frozen pizzas for days when I forget to defrost meat or I have no time to actually prepare food (like last night when I spent an hour and a half doing algebra with my step-son), but for the most part I am cooking every day. Because of our schedules, my girlfriend and I usually eat at different times. It was always too much effort for me to cook something large just for myself. Now, I am making an effort to cook something that will keep until the rest of the family gets home so they can eat it right away for supper.

I have become quite a good chili cook, I make a mean beef stew, I have all kinds of ways to make eggs, I have tried some fish recipes with varying success, and I make some fantastic hamburgers. Yesterday, I was eating hamburgers that I had made myself with oatmeal and soy sauce and Montreal Steak Spice and so forth, and a Wendy's commercial came on TV with the bacon and the cheese and the delicious looking stuff on it. And for maybe the first time in my life, I had no urge to run off to Wendy's and eat it. I was so much happier with my own little homemade burger. This is good news.

And as for working out, I knew this would be the case - once I get into it, I find it hard to stop. The Greco Lean & Fit program was fantastic for getting into shape, and it certainly gave me some great ideas when it comes to cardio workout stuff and some weight stuff. But now, I have the time to go home and work out right after work, and I can do my own thing. That means if I want to work out for half an hour, I can. And sometimes that's all the time I have, with my strange schedule. Other days, I might have two hours, and I will spend an hour doing weights and then an hour on the rowing machine. It's more convenient, but it has reached the point where I just feel weird if I don't work out. I go to bed feeling weird, and I get antsy toward the end of the day.

So really, this is a response to all those who expressed dismay at my recent eight-pound weekend weight gain. I am not on the road back to uber-fatness, but because I keep doing these things, I will no longer be concerned about indulging in a weekend-long celebratory bender involving beer and lasagna and many donuts. Not that I ever was, eleven weeks ago.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mark Messier, the Stanley Cup and some enterprising kids.

The Nepean CrazyTrain are a Nepean Minor Hockey Bantam B House League team with some big ambitions. They have managed to get into the final 10 in the Canada-wide TSN Bring Home The Cup competition. It's a contest where Mark Messier brings the Stanley Cup to the winners, and they also get a big-screen TV. The kids on the team (all 13 and 14 years old) did a bottle drive in frigid winter weather, managing to raise $850 to support military people whose family members have been killed overseas. This got them into the top ten. Here is the website to visit in order to vote for these guys to win the big prize:

Every time you vote, you get a chance at tickets for a Stanley Cup Final game in 2009. If these kids do win, they plan to donate the big screen TV to CFB Petawawa, the other prizes to the military families they support, and they plan to bring the Stanley Cup and Mark Messier to CFB Petawawa as well.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still playing with the new toy...

And so is Neil Young. Here is his latest video, the first one he's put out this week, for "Johnny Magic". This time, it's shot inside his new car, the LincVolt.

Neil Young: 'Johnny Magic' - LincVolt In Wichita

For this one, you may have to click on that "LincVolt" link above the video.

Because I have just figured out how to do this!

I am excited about my newfound ability to embed videos on the ol' blog here, so I am going to do it once more. Metallica and some legendary basketball coaches in a Guitar Hero ad:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Losing weight through brute force...the results!

I won! Down 40 pounds overall, I lost 13% of my body weight, narrowly beating out Mary, who lost 12% of hers, and Andy, who was very close as well.

Then, this weekend, I put on eight pounds.

An attempt to embed a youtube video.

Just testing...trying out some new stuff...trying to actually embed that wrench-smashing multivitamin video so I can stop always linking to stuff...let's see.

And...does this work? It works! Somehow, although I'm not sure exactly how it worked, I have a bunch of my other youtube videos up on the side of my page ----------> now. Cool!

Shorter clip of world record attempt

There was a lot of irritating preamble in that last video - here it is once more, distilled down to it's essence. My attempt to break the world record for Most Multivitamins Smashed With a Wrench While Blindfolded In Thirty Seconds.

Just the record.