Friday, February 27, 2009

Losing weight through brute force. Week 5.

I have given up, utterly. It's not use, I had to cave, there is no way I will win this silly contest without changing my eating habits. And so I threw in the towel this week, gave up entirely, and changed my eating habits. I have been hitting Greco three times a week for their Lean & Fit program, which is an hour of intense kick-my-ass excercise. On the off days, I am doing 10,000 metres every day on my ergometer rowing machine at home, which takes a little less than an hour. I have cut out McDonalds breakfasts and my 12 pepsis a day, but other than that I haven't really tried to change my diet much. And over the first three weeks, I dropped 13 pounds. But then last week, despite my efforts at intense, fat-burning workouts on a daily basis, I somehow gained two pounds!

So I am no longer winning this workplace-weight-loss competition. Andy is now winning, with 13 pounds to my 11. So this week I decided to take it up a notch, and I am now subscribing, as best I can, to the Greco plan of eating small, protein-laden amounts of food 5 times a day. It's rather difficult for me, with my schedule, to do so. But I want to win! The week kicked off poorly, as far as eating right goes, when I did the 24 Hours of Homelessness thing for Operation Go Home. That was two days of nothing but cream-and-sugar coffee and day-old donuts and whatever I could scrounge up. But since then I have been following the strict meal plan - hard-boiled eggs, beef stew, chili...whatever I am allowed to eat, and in amounts as small as I can stand without being starving all the time. I have my next weigh-in today.

Actually, I will wait to publish this post until I have been weighed in. OK. I had my weigh-in. So now I weigh...243.8 pounds. The scales we use here are very high-tech. Down to the decimal point. Since I began, that means I have lost 16 pounds, and I managed to lose 5 this week. Maybe there's something to this "eating properly" thing after all. I can't wait until the contest is over and I win and I can celebrate with a Big Mac or four.

Something cool that didn't make BRN

I couldn't put this on Breaking Rock News, because Sublime aren't exactly a classic rock band. Nor are they, really, a "rock" band at all. They were the leaders of that punk-reggae-ska revolution that took hold for about ninety minutes in the mid-90s. In fact, one might say they were the only good band in that genre to come out of California during the third-wave ska revival. (Not me though - I still have a soft spot for Mustard Plug and Edna's Goldfish and Skinnerbox.)

For those of you (and I'm not sure there are many reading this) who know what I'm talking about, and remember Sublime, the band folded in 1996 when their lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died of a drug overdose. With the demise of the band, the entire movement faded away rather quickly as well. But it looks like the group will be getting back together, if only for one show. At the Cantino Los Tres Hombres in Nevada, on February 28th. Not that I'm going to make the trek out there to see it, nor would I be willing to even if I had the time or the money. I mean, this isn't an MC Hammer - Vanilla Ice double bill we're talking about here. But I just thought this was a good excuse to mention Sublime again. You should check them out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In poor taste? dreadful taste? I can't decide. I couldn't bring myself to post this on Breaking Rock News, mostly because it isn't really news, it's just kinda sick. Steven Adler, formerly of Guns N Roses fame, and currently of celebrity-rehab and court-appearance and backslide-into-drugs and busted-scoring-more-drugs and back-into-rehab and more-court-appearances fame, will star in a movie about John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer. The movie will be called Dahmer vs. Gacy, and is an "action-comedy" about Gacy and Dahmer, real-life serial killers, battling it out a la Freddy vs. Jason. Adler apparently plays a guy who gets picked up by Dahmer in a bar and then murdered with a drill in the head. It seems apt though - when you are a hopeless drug addict, you have two movie options, right? Porn, and this.

Some Zappa stuff

Although I already put this up on Breaking Rock News, I figured I would throw it up on my blog too. A 3-disc CD set I am quite excited about. Never before has Lumpy Gravy, Frank Zappa's 1968 classic album, been released the way he wanted the world to hear it. Now it will be, along with his other 1968 classic We're Only In It For the Money, unedited and uncensored. One of my all-time favourite albums. You can read the rest of the story of the new set at Breaking Rock News, or at this link:

The main reason to go to that link though, is at the top, where Rolling Stone is streaming the "Lonely Little Girl" single. It was deemed too "weird" for the radio in 1968. It's still pretty weird. And awesome.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

John Lennon was actually killed by...Stephen King?

This is absolutely bonkers - and as such it intrigues me. This guy, Steven Lightfoot, has been shooting out one crazy conspiracy theory after another about the murder of John Lennon. But - he has finally solved the crime! The latest, and craziest? That it was in fact horror writer Stephen King who shot and killed Lennon that day. The entire theory appears to be based on the fact that the guy who actually DID shoot Lennon looked a little like King at the time. I think. You've got to read it to get do so here:

Ah, the things I come across while doing research for Breaking Rock News!

Real or hoax? You make the call.

This youtube clip is causing quite a stir in the Beatles-geek community. And there is a LARGE Beatles-geek community.

Is this really the lost White Album track that it is purported to be? Does it really, as the youtube page proclaims, "bridge the gap between Revolution #1 and #9"? Or is it, as many Beatles fanatics have asserted, hoax? I can't proclaim myself a big enough Beatles connaisseur or expert that I can definitively say either way. So I'm leaving it up to you guys.