Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love the Razzie awards.

The Razzie award nominees were announced today. The absolute worst in film from 2008 was honoured, as it is every year, by nomination for the Golden Raspberry award. Worst movie, worst actors and actresses, worst director, screenplay and screen couple. What's great about the Razzies is that there is no "season" for Worst Movies. There is a "season" for the best ones, and those have been announced this morning with the Oscar nominations. But no one has seen these films yet, because they are all released so late in the year. Chances are you HAVE seen one of the films nominated for a Razzie, since that stuff comes out year-round. Check out the full list of nominees here:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More bus strike humour!

Because the bus strike, it turns out, is rather funny in many ways...this one sent to me by a bus driver:

Keep 'em coming folks!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well...I heartily disagree with the sentiment, but this did make me laugh!

OK, I agree a little bit - sent to me by email today.

One more thing.

One thing that's bugging me about the Obama inauguration and so forth - this phrase, and notion, that Obama represents the American dream, that "anyone is capable of anything", or some variation on that phrase. The idea that "anyone can become president" is ludicrous. What Obama represents is the idea that anyone, who is incredibly intelligent, pragmatic, even-keeled and well-schooled, and is willing to work their ass off, can become president. And that is certainly a big step forward. But the president who truly represented the "anyone can become president" ideal was his predecessor. If a frat-boy who drank his way through Vietnam in the National Guard and then took twenty years of his life off to do nothing and bask in his father's glow can all of a sudden decide that politics looks neat can become president, only then is it true. Anyone can be the president. If their dad already was. And the Jeb push is beginning now...


I watched the inauguration today, as I imagined most of us did. For a speech upon which so many expectations were placed, Obama's was pretty damn good. It actually managed to meet, and in some cases exceed, my own lofty expectations. And of course, afterward, I flipped around from channel to channel, because how do you really know a speech was great unless you hear it from pundits? And of course I heard many of those pundits (thank you, FOX) saying things like "it's all well and good to talk the talk, now we wait to see if he can walk the walk". Of course, they say things like that dismissively, clearly believing that he can't walk the walk, and boy, America, are you ever screwed. Your country has been fooled by pretty words and rhetoric, and your hopes will all come crashing down soon...and so on and so forth.

It occurred to me, however, watching this, that this kind of partisan punditry misses the point. Even the pundits on the other side miss the point, a lot of the time. Pretty words and rhetoric are not just the window-dressing on what could be an empty vessel. They are an end in and of themselves. The ability to inspire people can't be understated. The fact that Obama is inspirational enough a figure to bring two million people to his inauguration today is already the achievement of one of his stated goals. Unity and hope. Inspiring hope in Americans is the best way to reverse the economic downturn. It is the only way to get them to set aside social, political and racial divisions. And inspiration is something that no president in my lifetime has been able to provide to this extent. I would imagine that no president, ever, has been able to inspire people on this level.

If all Obama does in his first four years is inspire, he has already done more than his predecessor. If he does nothing else but create hope in the American people, he has already reached several of his goals. And if he can extend that hope and inspiration to the rest of the world, and all appearances are that he can and already has, then he has perhaps done more for the world than any figure in recent memory. Even if he is unable to enact any new policies, even if he can't get half the things done that he wants to do, as long as his words ring true and people believe, he is doing something monumental. And the only way his words will begin to fall on deaf ears is if he starts to become disingenuous, in the same way the previous administration was disingenuous.

Or, a better word, would be "lies". This is what makes me hopeful for the American people - the previous president was forced to lie, to be dishonest, in order to get Americans to get behind the invasion of Iraq. And the reason was - if Americans knew the war was about oil, they would not have accepted it. And as soon as the Americans realized, on a large scale, that Bush and his inner circle had falsified the reasons for going to war, they turned away en masse. And from that moment on, Bush couldn't do anything right. So all Obama has to do, in order to be better than his predecessor, is continue to use pretty words and oratory to make Americans feel better. The only way his words will lose their power is if he goes the Bush route and starts making stuff up. I expect that he will not do that. And on that basis alone, he will be one of the great presidents of the United States.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is very funny. Ottawa bus strike ruins Hitler's plans!

I don't know how this clip has made the rounds of the internet so much - I have seen the same clip, with different hilarious subtitles, about the Canucks not making the playoffs, and the Senators not making the playoffs...but almost always, it is absolutely side-splitting. And this one is no exception. Hitler freaking out about stuff, including the Ottawa bus strike, is always funny. You must watch this!

There is some language. But it is written, not spoken. Ah, who cares about language anyway? I just feel these things need disclaimers. Don't show it to your four-year-old. She wouldn't get it anyway.


I realized something a couple of days ago. My French-Canadian mother-in-law makes a lot of Shepherd's Pie, which is, from what I understand, a traditional French-Canadian dish. I don't understand the Shepherd reference, because from what I understand, there were very few French Canadian shepherds. That sounds Scottish to me. In French, she calls this shepherd's pie "Pate Chinois". Which, literally translated into English, means "Chinese Paste". I am almost positive that meat-and-potato pie is not a Chinese dish. To whom, exactly, does this dish belong, and where did it originate? Or is it just so un-tasty that noe one wants to take the blame for it, and they all want to pass the buck to another culture?