Monday, November 16, 2009

What I did on my Autumn vacation Part Four

On Saturday night, I hosted a benefit gala for Operation Come Home. It was a really good time - a 60s-themed event that featured Pierre Belanger, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, dressing up in Ringo's suit from the Sgt. Pepper album cover. For a guy who complains about having to speak in public and worries about his speech, Pierre sucks it up and performs. Love it! Also performing were Gamut, a local band who were just terrific - I asked them to play, and they insisted upon doing the event for free, just to support the charity. They were great, but it was the NAC. Which meant that every twenty minutes, someone from the NAC came into the room to ask them to turn down their music. By the end of the evening, they were barely miked at all. I guess their sound was bleeding a tiny bit into the main hall where some other band was playing.

Great bunch of guys in Gamut - aside from doing cover tunes at shows like this one, they also do an Alice Cooper tribute show called mAlice & Monsters - their next show is this coming Friday at the James Street Pub. You can check out their website here.

There were a few speeches from some of the clients of Operation Come Home. Kids who have been helped by the organization in the past, and kids who are in some of their programs now. Simon, Miranda and Nicole did a great job and really highlighted why OCH is so important in this community.

The night wasn't all good, however. You see, there were two silent auction tables filled with all kinds of goodies. And my wife decided to bid on a few items. Which was fine - there was some incredible beaded jewelry done by the OCH kids in their Beadworks program that Jen wanted. And she got it. And that was great. But there was also a big pink box of Britney Spears perfume that she bid on. And although I begged the crowd to outbid my wife on this item, they did not. And we went home with a big pink box of Britney Spears perfume. Which doesn't smell like I thought it would. I thought it would smell like stripper, or like fake tan and dog food and the inside of a sweatsock. But it's actually quite nice. I just don't want it in my house, on principle.

One more great thing about the gala - I was talking to city councillor George Bedard about the 24 Hours of Homelessness event we do every year, where we sleep outside for 24 hours in January to raise awareness of the plight of kids living on the streets. And he said he would love to be a part of that event, and join us this coming January! So I'm putting it in writing right now, Mr. Bedard. I WILL be calling you early in the new year to confirm your participation!

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  1. Eric, as much as we appreciate your kind words about us, you neglected to mention the musical highlight of the evening. Local Neil Diamond impersonator "Neil Cubic-Zirconia" (AKA Eric the Intern) grabbed the mike for a rockin' version of his signature tune "Sweet Caroline".

    Not a spine was left untingled. Strangely enough, this also coincided with the NAC vehemently telling us to turn down, but I'm pretty sure that was just a coincidence...

    Thanks again, Eric. We are proud to be able to help support such a great cause (in our little way!)