Monday, November 16, 2009

What I did on my Autumn vacation Part Five

Obviously, I didn't blog on my vacation. I can tell, because I have written five posts today. Doc's sick after his vacation, so I'm at his computer and I have lots of time. A few last things about my time off, which was really just work without getting up early.

I bought a cookbook for the first time in my life. It's a cookbook all about barbecuing and grilling. It was a little bit useful, but then it goes off the rails halfway through. There is a section on grilling s'mores. It says to put a marshmallow on a skewer, and roast it over the barbecue. Then make a s'more. I'm never buying a cookbook again.

I somehow got into tutoring some kids, to make a little extra money before Christmas. I tutored a nice young girl in Grade Eleven physics (they have physics in grade 11 now!) one Sunday morning. Her father, (my friend Mike) left the house to go grocery shopping while I was there. Only later did it occur to me to be offended. Five years ago, no one would ever have left me alone in their house with their daughter! Now I feel old. And safe. And a little bit lame.

My sister is back living with me for the time being, as she does her teaching placement at Alta Vista school. One of the teachers with whom she works has asked me to come in to talk to the kids about radio and so forth. Which is cool, I have done that many times before at many other schools. I go in, I talk to one class at a time and ask them questions and they ask me questions and I give away some stuff and make jokes and it's all very informal. But I just got an email as I came off vacation saying they had booked the auditorium for me, and did I need power-point equipment, or something called a smart board for my presentation? I think I may be in over my head this time...

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