Monday, November 16, 2009

What I did on my Autumn vacation Part Three

A few times during my time off, I had to go to work anyway. (I had twelve events in my 14 days off, so really "vacation" for me means not getting up at 2:00 in the morning.) I went off to sell leather, and home renovation tax credits, and football at Tail Gators and so forth. And twice I had to come into the office to add my voice to commercials for those events. Being a little sour at having to drive such a long way for what proved to be twenty seconds of actual work, I took a rather abrasive tone for my Tail Gators commercial. I suggested that no one would be able to beat me at poker. That was a safe bet, I figured - in a WPT tournament populated with giant poker nerds, I had finished seventh in the first event and fifth in the second. I figured I would finish third and then first. Right? Makes sense to me.

When I walked into Tail Gators on Sunday, I was met with many irritated faces, and several people who took exception to me personally. Partly because I had been so aggressively pompous in my commercial, and partly because the poker tournament had been moved to 2:00. And I had been advertising 4:00 for two weeks now. I tried to explain that had someone told me the time of the tournament had been changed, I would likely have adjusted accordingly. And I apologized profusely for not having been informed. But I stood by my tough talk. I WAS going to win this tournament, even though I was starting an hour late. I was dealt in, and had the low chip stack at my table, but right away, on the first hand, I was dealt two aces. Some sucker beside me went all in. Some other sucker on my other side went all in. And I of course followed suit. (No pun intended.) And I lost. First hand of the game. I was out. So I sat and watched football and ate chicken wings and drank beer and gave a way a ton of shirts and hats and DVDs for the rest of the afternoon.

At least the Packers won!

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