Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A baby seal walks into a club...

And by that I mean, the exclusive club that is the Parliamentary restaurant, now serving seal meat along with their standard menu favourites of of caribou burgers and puffin bacon and condor eggs. Now, I understand the need to make blanket statements on Parliament Hill. I understand that the only way to make it clear that all parliamentarians are in favour of the seal hunt is with this grand gesture of menu management. But why stop there? Why don't they make it clear that all parliamentarians believe global warming is a hoax by serving polar bear?

I have eaten seal. It tastes bad. So there is no real reason to bring it here other than some kind of political statement, right? I mean, I understand the logic behind our Governor General eating seal with the Inuit people up north. They hunt the seals, they kill the seals, they eat the seals. That is their culture. But perhaps I'm off base. Maybe these seals have been killed solely for sustenance. Maybe Stephen Harper is in danger of going without food over the long winter if seal meat is not provided. And maybe he has been secretly visiting ice floes and clubbing the seals himself, to ensure a ready supply on the hill for those days when he is peckish and wants a seal club sandwich.

Wait - that doesn't make sense either. Stephen Harper doing something secretly? Impossible. Had he really been out culling seals, we would all have been treated to pictures for weeks, as that would have been a tremendous photo-op.

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