Thursday, November 5, 2009


I attempted to upload a video in my last post of actor Tony Plana, giving a cheesy, painful, yet badass speech in his role as the warden in the Steven Seagal suckfest Half Past Dead. I introduced that clip by claiming it was Yankees skipper Joe Girardi talking tough in prison. But the video didn't appear to work. Had it actually worked, it would have been very, very funny. But since it didn't work, it was not funny, and made little sense. I am leaving that post up, hoping that the site hosting the video gets fixed, and then you too can get in on the joke. In the meantime, I will provide you with a few photos:

Two are of Girardi, two of Plana. See how similar they look? Wouldn't it have been funny to see the video of the tough talk with Steven Seagal, thinking it was Girardi? I'm almost ever so clever.

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