Friday, October 16, 2009

One more reason to abolish the death penalty

Not that one more reason is needed. A while ago, (January of last year) I wrote a post about capital punishment in the U.S., because Canada in our infinite wisdom declined to bring a citizen on death row back home. I pointed out that very few countries in the so-called "developed world" still had the death penalty, and Japan and the U.S. are the only two who routinely execute prisoners. Japan does so only in the case of multiple murders.

Now a very-possibly innocent man has been executed in Texas. Governor Rick Perry replaced the forensic team who were about to look into the arson verdict in the Todd Willingham case, just before they were able to do so. And then he pretty much ignored the cries of everyone who suggested that Willingham was not to blame in the fire that killed his three children. At the very least, the forensic investigator who went over the initial ruling said the arson verdict was not "scientifically supported".

Even if Willingham did commit three heinous murders, the fact that there is any doubt at all is reason enough to abolish the death penalty, isn't it? Perry says the outcry is just anti-death-penalty "propaganda" and that Willingham is a monster. Really? If that is so, count me among the purveyors of that propaganda. It's time for the States to end this perversion of justice once and for all.

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