Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Cynical Cinema reviews

The Tournament - One of those movies where assassins compete for tons of money by killing each other off. I am embarassed to say I enjoyed it. But I did.

Tales From the Darkside Season Two - Still campy and fun after all these years. Lots of aliens!

The Fugitive Season Three Volume One - I hate TV DVDs that are split into volumes. But I like The Fugitive. It was good.

Mannix Season Three - There was never, in all of history, a good private investigator TV series. Mannix might have been the best of the crap.

The Guardian Season One - A weird early-200s show about a lawyer doing good deeds. Or something. It was all over the place.

Where the Wild Things Are - Beautiful, but boring. Like Jennifer Aniston. And paintings of fruit.

Land of the Lost - This movie is lost. And by that I mean it sucks.

Year One - This movie also sucks. Michael Cera and Jack Black notwithstanding. Or withstanding. Whatever.

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