Monday, October 19, 2009

New Cynical Cinema reviews

All new DVD releases October 20th

Battle of the Warriors - A Hong Kong war epic starring Andy Lau. Andy Lau is good. Hong Kong war epics are very good.

Something To Do With The Wall - An interesting documentary about the fall of the Berlin Wall, shot (by happenstance) at the exact time the wall came down.

They Killed Sister Dorothy - A fantastic, fascinating documentary about an elderly missionary nun who was murdered in Brazil. A wonderful courtroom drama.

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Christmas - Dora the Explorer had a good Christmas. Last year, I guess. Or maybe she's going to have one this year...I don't know. She has a backpack.

Vega$ First Season Volume One - Robert Urich starred in this cheesy 70s private-eye drama. Lots of eye candy, and a bit of fun.

The Children - They are kids, and they are murderous. Sometimes creepy, sometimes I just think they ought to punch the kids. They're kids, after all. They're easy to punch.

Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary - For nerds only. Documentary nerds. I'm a documentary nerd.

Blood Sweat & Gears - An American cycling team tries to make the Tour De France without the aid of steroids. Pretty interesting. And Lance Armstrong - free!

Numb3rs Fifth Season - If you ignore the fact that the math is generic and silly, this is a pretty decent cop show.

CSI: New York Season Five - Opens and closes with cheesy cliffhangers. In between, it's quite good.

Friday Deluxe Edition - Classic stoner comedy, upgraded with some great special features.

Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices - A decent stand-up DVD from Giraldo, who is apparently known only for those Comedy Central roasts. Before now.

Hawaii Five-O Season Seven - I had to apologize to Jack Lord. Steve McGarrett was not (entirely) a David Caruso prototype.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Meet My Family - Would probably be great on mushrooms. If anyone did stuff like that. Which they don't.

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