Friday, October 30, 2009

My vacation has begun. Now the work starts.

I'm on vacation the next two weeks. Which means I will likely not be checking email, or answering my phone. But I will be working. As follows...

Tomorrow night it's the Humane Society benefit concert at the Ukranian Centre on Byron. Les Emmerson and the Hitmen are playing, only 25 bucks to get in. Call Sharon at 613-792-3481 for tickets.

Tomorrow from 11-3, then again on Thursday 2-6, and once more next Saturday from 11-3, I'll be selling leather at the big leather sale at the Embassy West hotel. I have officially run out of things to say about leather after three years, so I am taking suggestions on location for new takes.

November 14th, Saturday, from 8:00-noon I'm doing a live commercial at Home Depot. I don't yet know which Home Depot. Or what I will be selling.

November 14th in the evening, I'm hosting the Operation Come Home 60s themed gala event at the NAC. Tickets are still available at, and Gamut will be our band for the evening. (They are also doing their Alice Cooper tribute show the previous evening, Friday November 13th, at Greenfields on Greenbank.)

November 15th is the next NFL event at Tail Gators. The first time I played in the WPT event there, I finished 7th. Last time I finished 5th. There are two more events, I plan to beat the brains out of the poker nerds and finish 3rd and 1st. And make no mistake - there are poker nerds there. Once again, free pool for all CHEZ nation members all day long at Tail Gators, a free poker tournament with excellent prizes, and I will be bringing a bunch of great prizes for halftime myself. It all gets under way around 3:30.

After the Tail Gators event, I will relax for half an hour and go to bed. Then it's back to work.

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