Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More details on Humane Society fundraiser

I wrote a blog post last week about the Humane Society fundraiser with Les Emerson and the Hitmen on October 31st. I will reprint the details at the end of this post so you don't have to go searching for it. When I first received all the information about the event, the only way to get tickets was to call Sharon at the number provided. I suggested to the organizers that maybe there should be another way of getting tickets as well. Like picking them up at a store, or at the Ukranian Hall, or something like that. So the organizers heeded my words, and came up with a second way to get tickets. You can now email the Hitmen at

When you email them, they will respond to you. With the telephone number. Then you can call and get tickets. Or, you can call Sharon (phone number provided later on in this post). And now, there is a second phone number you can call - Sylvia, at 613-680-4955.

Call them. Get tickets. This will be a great event. And the capacity is limited to 300 or 350, so they don't want to do tickets at the door in case thousands of people arrive and can't get in. So reserve your tickets in advance. Here are the details, again:

The Ottawa Humane Society's "Breaking Ground" campaign is holding a fundraiser at the Ukranian Hall (1000 Byron Avenue) in Westboro on Hallowe'en night, October 31st. I will be hosting the event, which stars Les Emerson and the Hitmen. Les, as you may well know, is the biggest name in music in Ottawa, having formed the Five Man Electrical Band in the 60s. That alone should sell you on this event. But if you need more incentive, here are more details...Cover charge is $25, proceeds going toward the Ottawa Humane Society.

There will be a myriad of door prizes, including a hot air balloon ride with champagne, tickets to Mamma Mia, a stay at the Wakefield Spa, a weekend cottage getaway including a day of fishing with a guide, and much more. Even prizes of dog food and cat food. There will be a 50/50 draw, which should entice Doc and his ilk to attend, and prizes for animal costumes and non-animal costumes as well (it IS on Hallowe'en).

The doors to the Ukranian Hall open at 7:30 that evening. For tickets, call Sharon at 613-792-3481. Come one come all, for a good time and a great cause! And of course, the best music you'll hear in the Ukranian Hall all year. I have also created a group on facebook...or an event...or something. Click here to find it.

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