Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maybe I don't feel so bad now.

Maybe. OK, I'm still bitter and sour. Doc, who knows nothing about football, has played only five weeks of the six possible weeks of the football season in the CHEZ online pool. And he has beaten myself, Randall and Woody every single week he has played. In fact, even though he missed a week, he is still ahead of the second-place guy (me) by a substantial amount. And he knows nothing about football. I have long suspected that he is somehow cheating, because Doc can't possibly be Rain Man about football picks...can he?

Now I took a look at the leader board. The guy in first place has done very well - two weeks at more than 100 points (just like Doc) and the other weeks he's been in the 80s and 90s. Fine. The person in second place, however, just 4 points back of first, has done something remarkable. Looking at her profile, I realized that she didn't want to have to remember to make her picks every week. And she made them all at the beginning of the season. She has made all her picks in every week for the rest of the season, already. Which means that she made the picks long before the spreads ever came in, and she is in second place after six weeks. Now that's random. And remarkable. And statistically improbable. But it makes me feel better about Doc.

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