Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just something strange. And kind of funny. And kind of awesome. And kind of sad.

The following is the statement released by the chairman of the FCC in the States, appointed by the President to the post, about the FCC's new internet policy:

“Everywhere from the Streets of Philadelphia to My Hometown in New York, every Bobby Jean and every Jersey Girl l should be counting on the Internet remaining free and open, not Counting on a Miracle. They should count on The Rising of millions of voices to beat back any Darkness on the Edge of Town, or broadband Badlands that could threaten limited choice and create potential bottlenecks.
The people who built the Internet were working on more than a computer network, they were Working on a Dream. It was a network that was Born to Run in a land of open protocols, (the Promised Land). The Internet is more than an information highway, it is a telecom Thunder Road of wonderfully chaotic creativity and it will be a Lonesome Day if that is ever lost. But, hold on, Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart, because the FCC will be taking up open Internet rules in the near future.
I am grateful for the multitudes of artists — including musicians, songwriters, and other creative voices — who are coming forward to say they have a Hungry Heart for a free and open Internet, who will shout ‘No Surrender’ when it is threatened. This exhausts Springsteen song title references except to say that the policy fight over Net Neutrality will be a Jungleland out there — and everyone should be involved in our public FCC process.”

You think Julius Genachowski is a Springsteen fan?

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