Friday, October 16, 2009

Come to Tail Gators this Sunday

This Tail Gators Sunday Tailgate party event is getting bigger. The first week was successful, as I competed against some very serious poker players (and some not-so-serious ones) and managed to finish seventh. A fine prize was given away to the guy who knocked me out of the tournament, but I didn't make it easy. Then I watched the end of the football game, had some beer, and a good time was had by all.

This week, there will be a lot more going on. A short list:

- Free pool. Everyone who mentions CHEZ 106 at Tail Gators, all day long, will be allowed to play unlimited free pool all day Sunday. So you can show up at noon, and play an hour's worth of pool, then watch football. Or, you can keep playing pool while watching football. Tail Gators is a pool hall, so there are dozens of tables and you won't have to wait.

- Free poker. The World Poker Tour event that takes place at 4:00 is free to enter, and there are great prizes to be had for knocking me out, or for winning outright. Even if you don't win, you get points that go toward a shot at getting into the Canadian WPT championships - and there's big money there.

- Free football. The Jets-Bills game will be on the main TV at 4:00, but with 30 other screens around the bar, you'll be able to catch all the other games as well. The CHEZ crew will be there at about 3:00, watching the end of the first games and preparing for the late games and the poker.

- Free prizes. CHEZ hats, shirts, and other paraphenalia, of course. But also some football-themed DVDs, and a Bills jersey that I will be wearing all day. I hate the Bills. I want you to win my Bills jersey so I can go back to my old, familiar Green Bay one. But in order to win it, you must beat me at Madden football on the Xbox on the big screen at halftime. I have never played it before, but I play a lot of Mario Kart with the kids so I assume I will be good at it. And I will be trying very hard.

- 35 cent wings. After all that "free", something had to cost, didn't it? The wings are not free. They are 35 cents each. Sorry.

Come out and join me and CHEZ this Sunday, October 18th, at Tail Gators. Pool starts at noon and goes all day. Poker starts at 4:00 (be there at 3:30 to sign up) and goes until someone wins. Football starts at 1:00 (and I must catch Giants-New Orleans and Minnesota-Baltimore at that time). The Jets and Bills start at 4:00. And the wings go all day too. The prizes will go until I run out.

Tail Gators is in the Merivale Mall (it used to be Le Scratch, for those of you who remember that place) on, obviously, Merivale.


  1. I just watched your figure skating video and i have to say i'm a little bit in love. is there a sequel planned for this winter?

  2. I sure hope so. I have been making fun of figure skaters for a while now in hopes of being challenged...