Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This may not have been that well thought out

Is it just me, or is there something absolutely horrifying about this? Well, it isn't just me. The guy who put it up on the ol' youtube found that there was something horrifying about it as well. This has bothered me before with other Guitar Hero video games, but perhaps never so much as it does here. Of course, we all understand (I think) that there are so many songs that make it to the game, and that people have very diverse musical tastes, and that not all the songs are going to be top-calibre tunes. I tried as best I could to skip the awful tunes (Poison, I'm looking at you) while playing Guitar Hero III with the kids. But you can't avoid them all. And when the icons you unlock are veritable musical legends, like the upcoming game's Kurt Cobain or Carlos Santana or Johnny Cash, this is bound to happen:

Creepy, eh? A little upsetting, perhaps? Now imagine being "Johnny Cash" and playing 3 Doors Down. Or Motley Crue. Oh, the sadness!


  1. Thats is awfull!! Yet another reason why i hate guitar hero or Rock band and will never buy either of them. Rock music has become a complete joke.

  2. WTF!!!! I agree with this other guy. People need to see lights and colours TO listen to good music And now this? Thats disrespectful