Thursday, September 17, 2009


Funny article of the day in the newspaper...a full-length column talking about a book that has just been released - a workout book specifically designed for curlers. Not only that, but not once, in the whole article, did the columnist make fun of the book! Fitness? For curlers? I think there are three "sports" in the Olympics where you might see fat guys - archery, darts and curling. Wait. Is darts in the Olympics? Probably. I must get this book though. It should be an easy nine-page read...Excercise one. Lift beer to mouth. Excercise two. Repeat excercise one nine more times. Excercise three. Now get out there and curl, you athletic specimen.


  1. Why not one for bowlers while they're at it!!!!

  2. Hi Eric
    try competitive curling -- like competitive bowling -- and it will show who is in shape and who is not.