Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Cynical Cinema

All new releases today

The Chaos Experiment: One of those movies that puts the word "chaos" in the title to make it seem like they know something about chaos theory, even though they don't, and the movie is awful. Eve Mauro looks terrific naked though.

Meteor: A made for TV miniseries about a meteor that is about to crash into the earth. It's pretty bad.

Harper's Island: A made for TV miniseries about people getting murdered one by one at a wedding on an island. It starts out well, ends very silly.

Nitro Circus Season One: When the guys from Jackass do this stuff, they're just going to get hurt. That might be your thing. I like Nitro Circus far better because these guys have a chance to actually land some of their attempted tricks.

Important Things With Demetri Martin Season One: Demetri Martin is pretty funny, and his show is well put together. Even if it has little to do with "things".

The Meerkats: Paul Newman narrates a documentary about meerkats. Nowhere near as good as Meerkat Manor.

Criminal Minds Season Four: Still a cool show, even though Thomas Gibson bugs me a fair amount. It has Joe Mantegna, and that's not bad.

District 9: Awesome.

Hunger: A sensational movie about imprisoned IRA soldier Bobby Sands and his hunger strike in the early 80s.

I Love You, Man: It's well written. It can be quite funny. But I was so uncomfortable watching it that I couldn't enjoy the movie at all.

State of Play: A pretty solid movie, Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren and Rachel McAdams are pretty good. Also, on the plus side, it makes sense.

Tyson: Utterly fascinating and bizarrely compelling movie where Mike Tyson tells his own story in his own words. His own twisted, bizarre words.

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  1. We really liked I Love You, Man. There were some great moments, but we love anything Paul Rudd does!

    We're also really excited about District 9, only heard good things so far! Except for people getting nauseated because of the way it was filmed, lol!