Friday, September 18, 2009

Best thing in today's news...

It was a toss-up for me today..."Greyhound Killer Remains A Threat" was a fine headline. Because we thought that guy would be cool by now. Or the article that says police warn people not to approach Gutu Osman Daoud, the suspect in a strip club shooting, because they consider him dangerous. They released a photo, but just in case anyone saw him and walked up to him saying "hey, aren't you that guy wanted for attempted murder", they added the warning. IT could happen...

But I decided on this story as a winner: Anissa Holmes, a Playboy model, was booted from Facebook. First of all, there was no nudity on her page. Just lingerie stuff and bikini pictures. Frankly, isn't that what most of us use facebook for? Looking for pictures of our attractive friends in their bikinis? I keep trying to convince my wife to take some bikini pictures to upload to facebook, for that reason alone. So far, no luck. Ms. Holmes is upset because facebook was an important networking tool for her modeling career. After all, no one has photos and a portfoliio and all that anymore, they just have facebook and a link. Or, you can check out her official website here. Cause she has one of those as well. Of course.

More than anything though, she's upset because facebook won't let her in to get her pictures back. Like, the only copies of her modeling pictures existed on facebook, and nowhere else? She had no backups? Facebook was the database to which she uploaded all her work stuff, and she figured that would be just fine? Much as I find it sad and idiotic for facebook to get all morality-police on their users, I find it equally sad that people rely on facebook for their future employment prospects. And really? Once facebook has booted you and removed access to your profile, they can't let you back in? They can't delete your content, but they can't give that content back to the person whose content it is? Silliness. Oh well, she's always got Playboy. And my blog. I have put some Anissa Holmes pictures up on my website here, because I figure she has lost one venue through which to advertise herself. Maybe this will help make up the difference.

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