Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiger Woods farts

Tiger Woods appeared to let one rip while preparing for a shot at the Buick over the weekend, before going on to win the tournament. Now, it could have been someone else - his caddy, or a spectator with a fart machine. But it sure looks like it was Tiger. Who cares- it's funny. Well, it's a little bit funny.

So that's that, right? Tiger Woods may or may not have farted, it's a little bit funny if he did, he laughed about it later, and then he went out and did what he does - won the Buick. But no. Apparently not. The PGA is trying (no joke) to suppress the video. Which is why I have put it up on my blog, at least until it gets taken down. They even released a statement - it was NOT Tiger Woods who broke wind, blah blah blah. Really, PGA? You're worried about this? Tiger is such a flawless superstar that the world can't be allowed to think that he might occasionally fart? This is like Nike, who suppressed a video of LeBron James getting dunked on by a high school kid during one of his camps. Who cares? Trying to suppress this video just makes it a bigger deal and a bigger story, doesn't it? Holding it back and taking it down is just going to make it come out louder and longer and more embarrassing. Kind of like...holding in a fart...

While I'm on this subject, a quick endorsement of this product called Just A Drop. You put one drop of this weird blue liquid into the toilet before doing your business. Then you let fly. And the smell is contained, and instead of smelling like a disaster zone, your bathroom ends up smelling like cleaning products. I have been using it for some time, and even after a night of drinking it works like a charm. Although then I put in Just A Bottle to make sure. Great stuff!

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  1. PGA copywright lawyers got the fart pulled off of youtube, but I was watching the tournament on TV and saw Tiger laugh right after "The Fart" noise occurred ...I laughed my ass off.