Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Cynical Cinema reviews

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Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser: An absolutely awful Canadian "mockumentary" about a guy who competes in Rock Paper Scissors competitions. It is not funny at all. I can't describe how bad it is.

Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa: A truly bizarre docudrama biopic documentary re-enactment made for TV cheesy pile of rubble. Weird. It makes sense, but it's way too cheesy and silly to tell the story of such a great man.

Absurdistan: A fantastic, charming, wonderful film. Rent this one.

Angry Monk: Reflections on Tibet: The hit-and-miss documentary about a fascinating man, Gendun Choephel, who was a Buddhist monk that took on the government and religious culture in Tibet before going off to drink beer and have promiscuous sex. The most interesting man in the world?

Lying: With a cast of five of the hottest women out there (Chloe Sevigny, Leelee Sobieski et al), this should at least be slightly, moderately, titillating eye candy. But it isn't. It's just crushingly boring.

Fish Fall in Love: A pretty solid Iranian movie about two people in love who never say the right thing to each other. It's full of delicious looking Iranian food, and a lot of cooking. Makes me hungry.

Wolfhound: A totally ludicrous movie from Russia about swords and flexing and yelling one's own name. If it was made with a tongue in a cheek, it's acceptable, maybe even good. If it wasn't, it's absolutely dreadful. If you can giggle at crap, you can enjoy this movie.

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