Monday, August 24, 2009

New Cynical Cinema reviews, movies out Tuesday

Polytechnique: A tragic, heartfelt movie about the 1989 Montreal massacre. Hard to watch though.

The 5 Deadly Venoms: One of the greatest classic kung-fu movies ever, on DVD for the first time.

Steppin: This one is awfully close to being, in my opinion, the least-watchable movie of all time.

The Best of the Crow Stairway to Heaven: One of the least-watchable TV shows of all time.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine: Pretty sad follow-up to a pretty decent series of films.

Tsotsi: One of the best foreign films of the past five years, an Oscar winner.

American Madness: A good, but forgotten, movie made by Frank Capra in 1932.

Crooklyn: A solid Spike Lee effort.

Life, Season One: One of my friends at work made me watch this. I liked it OK.

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