Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Cynical Cinema reviews - movies out today

St. Trinian's - A really entertaining movie about a school of bad girls (including the...attractive...Gemma Arterton) who steal a painting. It sounds awful, but it's really fun and has a great soundtrack.

17 Again - If you had the chance to go back to high school and "do it all over again", would you sleep with as many high school girls as possible, or would you try really hard to better that calculus mark of yours? Matthew Perry becomes Zac Efron, and does neither. This movie sucks.

Richard Pryor: Live And Smokin' - A 1971 stand-up routine from the greatest stand-up comic of all time, at a small club before he was famous. It just isn't very good at all. Like watching a youtube video of Muhammad Ali breaking even in a street fight when he was ten.

Razortooth - How can a movie about giant killer eels be a disappointment? Well, it can be Razortooth, which is neither campy enough to be entertaining, nor awful enough to be awesome.

Knowing - As the budget of a movie increases, Nicolas Cage's effectiveness as an actor decreases. It almost never fails. Knowing, however, does fail. Miserably.

A tribute to John Hughes

An Empress and the Warriors - I feel sad, and a little ashamed, that I'm getting really tired of the Hong Kong epic war-and-romance, swords-and-martial-arts, Shakespearean lavish costume dramas. They are all very impressive movies and they are all good. But I've seen them all now, and I'm afraid there is nowhere else for them to go.

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  1. Sheesh Eric! You didn't like anything! lol!

    We liked 'Knowing' until the end. It left us going "wwuhhh??"