Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Circle these dates

October 5th, November 1st. Those are the dates that Brett Favre plays the Packers. I'm a huge Packers fan, but unlike many of my brethren in Packers Fan World, I remain a Favre apologist. I think if you're Brett Favre, you've earned the right to decide, on your own terms, when and where you will play. And I think that he will put the Vikings over the top. Then again, I also think that Green Bay has the better QB right now. But they don't have Adrian Peterson. So now I want to revise my earlier predictions. Minnesota will finish first in the NFC North, and the Packers will finish second. The Bears now have to play Favre and the Vikings twice, and they will lose both to finish third in the division. Say what you will about wishy-washy olf Brett, but he's still a legend, and does anyone think the Jets will win 9 games again without him? The NFL is better with that man playing in it.


  1. I agree. Training camp is over so it’s time for him to play in some games. I’d be PISSED if I am Rosenfels or Jackson.

  2. Eric, I am a Vikings fan. Having said that, I don't think that the Vikings will finish first in the NFC North this year. It might not be Favre who let's the Vikings down... it will be Brad Childress (aka Mr. Noodle) who will let the Vikings down by making boneheaded decisions such as benching Adrian Peterson at critical moments (see Week 11 last year at Tampa Bay during the two minute drill), predictable play calling, etc. etc. The bright side of this however is that Childress will wind up on the unemployment line after this season when he finds a way to mess up the Vikings chances. AGAIN

    Personally, I would give the edge to Green Bay because they were 6-10 last season due to the facts that there were a lot of injuries on both sides of the ball, Aaron Rodgers couldn't close out games and/or the defense let the team down, the Vikings won four games due to a combination of bad officiating and pure luck. The Packers are bound to win the NFC North for the reasons I stated. I am not putting down my team in any shape, size, or form... I am being a realist.

  3. Hey, I hope you're right. I would love to see the Packers win that division, and I certainly think they have a chance. Rodgers will be even better this year, and their defense is solid again. As a Packers fan though, I am always keenly aware of my partisan bias, and I am always worried that I am giving them more credit than they deserve. I still think the only team that has NO shot in that division is the Lions. Obviously.