Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hilarious. Watch this.

I was just saying in my last post that Sarah Palin's "farewell address" in Alaska had me rolling on the floor with laughter. I think, contrary to popular belief, that Palin actually makes things difficult for comedians. Because once you see that speech, how can you add something, or say something, that makes it any funnier? The best at this is Jon Stewart, who just allows his stunned expression of disbelief to enhance the already hilarious words coming out of Sarah Palin's mouth. However, as Tina Fey has so often proved, the best way to get laughs out of Sarah Palin is to put her words in someone else's mouth. And so, the best bit I've seen in a long time - Conan O'Brien gets William Shatner to read Sarah Palin's farewell speech. Verbatim.

I love you, William Shatner. Thanks Steve!

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