Thursday, July 9, 2009

CHEZ nation declares Shannon Tweed Day July 15th

Oh my. How much fun can one city council have over the course of the year? It turns out, only so much. We have used up our "fun" quotient for the year, we have reached critical mass, and now it falls to the Jan Harders of the world to ensure that city council pursues their original, and most important, mandate - making sure Ottawa continues to be known, the world over, as the City That Fun Forgot. First, Doug Thompson, on the advice of a former city councillor, decides that since Shannon Tweed will be hanging out in town on Wednesday July 15th, visiting her old haunts and some old friends, that we should proclaim that date to be Shannon Tweed Day in Ottawa. Many mayors, over the years, have done this. Proclaiming an official Day for things is a pretty easy way to go about the business of being mayor. Or temporary mayor. Want to recognize some organization without giving it money or actually doing anything for it? Give it a Day! Some examples...

GuluWalk Day - October 20th
Heritage Day - February 17th
Dell Day (Dell Computers) - March 29th
Grete Hele (philanthropist's 80th birthday) Day - June 21st
Falun Dafa Day - May 13th
Technology Day - November 7th
Equality Day - Gay Pride Parade (can't find the date)
Toastmaster week - October 20th-26th (some club called the Toastmasters club)
Deaf Recognition Day - September 17th
Lesbian and Gay Pride Day - June 17th
Save Local Television Day - May 23rd
Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15th
Philippine Heritage Week - June 5th - 12th
Adlerian Psychology Day - January 25th
Nancy Edwards Day (community health activist) - May 10th
Canadian Mothercraft of Ottawa-Carleton week - June 7th - 13th.
War Brides Day - May 13th
Esquires Day - local band, can't find the date
Angels In Action Day - no date I can see
Lucille Auffrey Day (local nurse) - May 11th
Duck-Free Zone Day (during the playoffs w/ Anaheim) - May 24th
Human Rights Day - June 27th

Now, to be sure, many of these Days have a considerable amount of merit. And we're all so very familiar with them all, of course. But clearly Ms. Tweed doesn't qualify. After all, she only lived here for four years. Unlike the Esquires, who lived here all their lives. And she does not maintain a residence in Ottawa (which is required for a Day, according to Ottawa's Office of Protocal), unlike the Phillippines, which is actually a borough north of Vanier. Wait...back this up a bit. Ottawa has an Office Of Protocol? Is that like the Circumlocution Office in The Pickwick Papers? By the way - have we ever had a Day for all those other people who "lived" in Ottawa for a day or two? Tom Cruise and Matthew Perry and Norm McDonald, et al? We sure like to say they're from Ottawa.
So of course, we at CHEZ nation had to take matters into our own hands, forced into action by the City That Fun Forgot, and we have declared July 15th, next Wednesday, to be Shannon Tweed Day in both the CHEZ nation and in Ottawa itself. We will celebrate Ms. Tweed's contribution to the art of cinema, and to the world of modelling. (A modelling career which began, incidentally, with her crowning as Miss Ottawa Valley in 1977, before I was born.) A woman with an impressive and important legacy, Shannon Tweed is deserving of not only her own day, but a proper tribute on CHEZ 106. Tune in next Wednesday.
And I would like to state, for the record, that I believe (unlike councillor Harder) that Shannon Tweed's body of work extends far beyond simply "living with Gene Simmons". Oh yeah - KISS plays Bluesfest on Wednesday the 15th. Hence this whole...thing. I will not be back at my blog until after my wedding and vacation, so I will let this post stand, for the next week and a half, as my own contribution to the celebration of Shannon Tweed Day in the CHEZ nation. May it be celebrated with gusto.


  1. our concellers are a big joke.. our mayor is a crimminal. for all you morons that voted for Obrian and these concellers give your head a shake and please do not vote in the next term, sense you do not know what you are doing.

  2. Well our mayor has not been declared a criminal yet and hopefully won't be. However, Anon 7:40 is right about our city councillors.

    We need T-shirts people. Shannon Tweed Day T-shirts. maybe even better would be NOT Shannon Tweed Day shirts. Then we could wear them everyday day, because everyday is not Shannon Tweed day.

    P.S----Councillors, get on board with this unofficial ST day, and get on board for Lansdowne Live also, as it is the best deal this city will ever get.

  3. Well what do you know, Shannon Tweed day has been cancelled!

  4. Shannon Tweed day is cancelled--but Not Shannon Tweed Day lives on every day.

  5. It is a sad commentary on officials when they get involved in minor matters which turn out to embarss the city.
    Now one may ask, where was Jan Harder during the transit strike. Oh I know, not a city matter, pass the buck, next issue please. But the elderly, the sick and small business suffered, and nto one finger was raised.
    Not to overly belabour a point..but where was Miss harder during the War Memorial debacle. Not one politician, for that matter ,offered help or encouragement during that affair...oh I know not a city matter.
    Sad isn't it

    Dr Mike

  6. OK, I'm not so sure we SHOULD have a Shannon Tweed day. What has she really done for Ottawa. Besides, most of Shannon's accomplishments were in soft core porn movies. Is that the image we really want to honor? Remember, we do have kids that live in Ottawa too. What's next Jenna Jameson day? How about Long Dong Silver day?

    Anyway, it should never have got to this point. What made the dude think this was a fantastic idea? Seems kind of amateurish.

    Our city councellors are a bunch of idiots and just the list of what days have been declared so far only confirms it. Lets hope they can learn to deal with some real issues.

  7. once again Ottawa's city council embarrasses itself. it would be interesting to see Jan Harder's voting record since I seem to recall her name coming up before in similar head-shaking moments.

  8. You people are all trash. Canada is a JOKE to the rest of the world for exactly THIS reason. The idiot who writes this blog and, those sycophants who respond anonymously (yes you), are a bunch of frickin idiots. The reason you fools are so backward is because you don't have a clear understanding of how politics works. Having a Shannon Tweed day would have brought more tourism and certainly more DOLLARS (because that's the only money that really counts) to your stupid little town. When that happens, and you have a name as a place people actually want to visit, then you get better politicians. This idea was actually genius but you all had your head up your ass (as usual). And, as for Ms. Tweed's contributions: well, it seems you ALL knew exactly who she was which makes you all hypocrites (and hypocrites who cannot spell, at that....seriously Anonymous!!!) One thing I have always found humorous is that you will ridicule the playboy playmate but if Hugh Hefner was from your town, there would be a Hugh Hefner Day in NO TIME! Pull the stick out of your ass, Canada!

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