Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Because I haven't been at this for a while...

What with my upcoming wedding this Saturday, and all the other craziness that comes with it, I have not had time to properly blog in a while. So I thought I would cram all the stuff I would have written about these past few weeks into an unnecessarily long single post. Here goes:

Woody's wedding was a good time. Certainly more formal and fancy than mine - they had an ice sculpture! Just about everyone from the station was there, and I felt bad because I had invited almost none of them to my wedding. I'm trying to keep mine small, you see. I think we will have about one tenth of the guest list that Woody had. Nice ceremony though, with a great dinner buffet and some good people. Congratulations Woody and (now officially) Mrs. Woody!

Golfed with Doc at Greensmere. I was playing terribly until I decided that playing for money would help me focus. And it did. We played a skins game for the final 12 holes, and I raised my game a heck of a lot. The problem was that Doc raised his game as well. And I lost. But I shot a 101, and it was worth the $25 bucks I gave up. Almost.

It was my 10-year-old stepson's birthday last Sunday, so I bought him a tiny set of golf clubs. Then we went to the driving range several times. I am going to sign us up for lessons so we can hit those par-three places and practice. This is, I will admit, somewhat self-serving for me. While we take tandem adult-kid lessons, he will learn the game and I will learn how to beat Doc.

The hundreds of pounds of meat in my freezer has been a life-changing experience. I'm trying all kinds of new recipes and barbecuing every day. Then the next day I eat the leftovers until they are gone, and I barbecue again. The meat is fantastic, and these are some of the best steaks I've ever had. But I'm already a little sick of meat. Can you overdose on meat? Randall predicts that I will be 320 pounds by Christmas.

I have been working out more, so I can eat more meat. So far, so good. I have put on no more weight, and I have watched a full season of Matlock from the rowing machine. Matlock! Don Knotts is on in season three, you see...also Karl Malden for one episode, which is cool. Oh yeah - Karl Malden died at 97.

Cynical Cinema reviews available now:

Before Tomorrow: Canadian film that completes the "Nunavut trilogy" - an elderly woman and her grandson brave the arctic alone. It's touching, mesmerizing, yet incredibly slow.

Petticoat Junction, Official Second Season: Doc is right. I will review anything that people send me.

Reno 911 Sixth Season: One of the funniest satire shows on TV. It seems to be over-the-top, but it's subtle enough to work.

Matlock Third Season: Don Knotts joins the cast, I guess Andy Griffith still owed him a favour. And Karl Malden appears in one episode, which is cool.

A tribute to Karl Malden: One of my favourite actors of all time, passed away at the age of 97 last week. Here are the movies he's done that you should see.

On The Waterfront: A quick review, in memory of Karl Malden.

The Cincinnati Kid: Another quick review, in memory of Karl Malden.

The little flags the City of Ottawa put on my lawn three months ago are still there. I was told 30 days, and I could remove them. I waited until I was more than certain it had been 30 days, and I took them off. Later that same day, they had been put back. And I am continuing to mow around them, just to show the city folk how long they've been there. If they ever come to do something with them. It looks like that's happening now - about six thousand pounds of pylons and other City equipment have just been dumped on my neighbour's lawn. And the grass around my flags is about four feet high.

Sarah Palin's timing is good - evening press conference on the Friday before July 4th will get little media coverage, and as we all know, the media is "out to get her". But what a stupid press conference. I guess quitters never win, but quitting is sometimes the only way to win, and so in this case she is a winner because she quit? Or something? I thought it was hilarious that all weekend long, FOX News was running Sarah Palin tributes - like she was Michael Jackson. Remember when she said this? Aaaahhhh. For God's sake, FOX News. She quit. She didn't die.

I had a very half-assed "bachelor party" last week. The girls got dressed up, did their hair, did their makeup, and rented a limo to take them downtown for a night of debauchery and filthy goings-on with some boys. Me and the guys drank beer in my garage. And I barbecued.

Kovalev? Really? Aren't we getting rid of the Canadian Kovalev right now? How does that help us?

Steve McNair was one of my favourite NFL players for a long time. Toughest QB (next to of course Favre) in the game - a little too tough though. If he hadn't played so hard all the time, he wouldn't have been hurt so much, and who knows how great he could have been had he had a long career?

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett...all before my time. I don't really get it.

This year's Wimbledon final might have been the second-best tennis match I have ever seen, next to last year's Wimbledon final. Who would have thought Federer would go through another one like that? Nice to see him come out on top though, and it's clear now that he's the best ever. Well, to me anyway.

CFL season has begun, which is exciting. I just wish I knew when the games were on. I've caught a couple though - after just one game, I am predicting that Saskatchewan will win the Grey Cup this year. Go Bombers!

OK, that's it. All I've got. Now, I am getting ready for a wedding, then I am going on a week's vacation, then I'm coming back for the best golf tournament ever, then the guys are gone for two weeks while I take over. So I will write another blog post in four weeks, at the latest.


  1. Wow! have you caught your breath yet? lol

  2. Good luck with the wedding!

  3. May your wedding day be stress free. All the best to you and the bride to be.

  4. Best wishes for your wedding!

  5. Congratulations Eric! all the best .. Chez had us all laughing at your choice of music for the wedding - typical Eric though, so you were true to form :)