Monday, June 1, 2009

We can keep TWO secrets!

At the last minute, I was recruited to "perform" at Mrs. Woody's bridal shower on Sunday. So I headed off to the Aren't We Naughty store on Merivale, stressed out the sales clerks some by asking to try on their silly vinyl nurses uniforms, and ended up choosing the "one size fits most" body stocking. It looked fantastic on the woman on the package. It looked like this on me:

One size fits most my ass. (It was supposed to be a dress that went down to the knees.) So, that was no good. Worst of all, I had to wear all this stuff under my regular clothes as I went about my business yesterday, and this body stocking thing is warm. Which meant that by the time I showed up to strip, I was incredibly sweaty.

With any luck, I didn't scar anyone for life. Here are some more pictures which may be stressful. Scroll past quickly if you want to save your eyes.

Turns out I'm a fat guy, and the body stocking got stuck and wouldn't come off.

Eventually, with my girlfriend's help, I got the thing off and went home. From what I understand the rest of the bridal shower was lovely. And easier on the eyes. Thanks to Diana, Donna and Carol for the photos! And thanks Mrs. Woody for playing along and pretending not to be nauseated!

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