Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have a Guitar Hero video game at home because the kids like to play it. I like it too, if only because there are some good tunes. And it's fun to play with the kids. Even if they keep skipping over "Holiday In Cambodia". I don't have this Rock Band thing though, because I figured having one of the two was good enough. I'm starting to think otherwise, though. I think I may have to pick up Rock Band, at least when the Beatles version comes out. It would be worth it just for this:

That's what they call the "opening cinematic", I guess the screen that loads up when the game begins. It's directed by the guy who did all the animation for the Gorillaz - remember the "Clint Eastwood" video? Probably not...I'll throw that in here:

All of this is pretty cool. Looking forward to The Beatles: Rock Band in a big way - you catch the yellow submarine in there? Or the "Blue Jay Way" poster? Very cool.

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