Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is pretty cool.

OK, to that one guy who keeps emailing and commenting about Gov't Mule - it does, indeed, look as though they are not coming. Too bad, because they're great - and they were on the official press release that was sent out by Bluesfest before the acts were all officially announced. But they are no longer on the website. So you can give up on seeing them. But you can now see a ton of acts not previously announced, most of which are awesome. Not only some small, after-hours club shows and jams and the like, but seventy totally free concerts right in the middle of the market. I'm excited about George Clinton, having seen him at Bluesfest a few years back. My review of that show can be read here.

But mostly, I'm excited about the addition of Lee "Scratch" Perry, the legendary reggae star from Jamaica. No idea yet on the dates of the performances, but I plan to come back from my honeymoon for this one. Time permitting. And wife permitting. Of course. Lee Perry is one of the most influential and important reggae artists of all time, basically creating the reggae sound we know today. Primarily a producer, he worked with absolutely everyone in reggae music over the course of his career. Read more about him here, and go see him.

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  1. Eric, I submitted a request for Bluestfest pass for the purpose of taking photos. I explained in the e-mail that my boss for our NASCAR images has a stock sight and that we submit our images to several different news wires, like Cal Sport Media, ICON, AiWire, etc. I also explained that I often to work for Chez and Y101.
    Now, you do not really need credentials to shoot Bluesfest, and it was nothing to do with getting a free pass, cause it is a lot of work to submit images that I am not making any money for, but the pass helps me by-pass the larger crowds which can be really hard to get around in.
    So my reply I got back was "I'm not sure about how this is a benefit to us?" Then stated I should go through the radio station.
    I was completely at a loss for words? Oh well, no big deal, I will just go and shoot like all the other years....After I wrote an e-mail back stating that I thought you might have wanted to promote Bluesfest outside of Ottawa and even Canada, and seeing that I have submitted to these news wires I would be one of the ONLY ones submitting to the US????
    But then the story gets better, today, I read about how $1.5 million was donated to promote tourism and such to Ottawa not only from other provinces, but other countries.
    I am not saying I deserve credentials or am the best photographer in Ottawa, but I would like to know what other qualifications I would need to obtain a photographer's pass.
    See U there