Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank you, Marc-Andre Fleury.

There are two days in the sporting calendar that are terribly bittersweet for me. The Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup Finals (for some reason I capitalized both those things) both represent the culmination of their respective seasons, and therefore they are the moments for which I have been watching hockey and football all year. But they also mean no more hockey and no more football, hence the bittersweet nature of the two events. In fact, what with the NBA Finals (also, for some reason, capitalized) coinciding with the Stanley Cup Finals that means that coming up is the longest stretch of nothing interesting in sports until the CFL season begins. Not that I don't like baseball, but I can't get into a regular season game in June when there are 110 games left to go in the season. I'll watch the Red Sox and Yankees. Because I'm a Boston fan and they are the top two teams and there's a rivalry and...well, whatever. (By the way, nice job last night Sox. Take that, pinstripes.)

But baseball is not like football, where I will watch Cleveland play Oakland if that's what's on. Or hockey, where I will watch Tampa Bay play the Kings. But I'm not watching the Washington Nationals play Kansas City on a Tuesday afternoon. I'm just not. (Unless Zack Greinke is pitching. That guy is good.) On the plus side, as soon as the NBA finals are over, I will be far more productive until opening day of the CFL season. (July 1st, for those who care.) At any rate, I just wanted to write a post here thanking Marc-Andre Fleury for that incredible performance in last night's game that allowed me to spend one more night watching hockey this season. Game Seven? Friday night? When I can stay up and actually watch, should there be (cross my fingers) an overtime? It gets no better than that. Go Penguins!

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  1. That was a freakin' AWESOME game. Couldn't agree more ^_^