Monday, June 1, 2009

Puck luck sucks.

I'm not a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, but I certainly feel for them after the first two games of the playoffs. No bounces are going their way, every bounce that goes Detroit's way appears to end up in the net, and rarely have I seen a team hit so many posts. I think the ultimate example of just how staggeringly unlucky Pittsburgh has been so far is that without their best forward, Pavel Datsyuk, in the lineup, and without their old-man character guy, Kris Draper, they called up some guy whose name I have never heard. I remember looking at the screen on Saturday night and saying "who the hell is Justin Abdelkader?" After the second game, I have some idea - he's the Stanley Cup Finals leader in goals, with two. Which far and away beats the zero points he has in the five games he has played in the rest of his career.

In the meantime, Evgeni Malkin has remained Pittsburgh's best player through both games, and it's no wonder he was frustrated at the end of game two. Here is Malkin being frustrated and dropping the gloves with that goon Zetterberg:

Anyone think that maybe the reason the NHL decided to rescind Malkin's instigator penalty and didn't suspend him for game three is that they felt, in a big way, sorry for the Penguins?

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