Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Cynical Cinema today

Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood at his badass old-man best.
Nightwatching - Martin Freeman plays Rembrandt. Carnage, chaos and a funny movie ensue.
Sunny And The Elephant - A Thai-French movie about elephants. And a kid.
Fatal Attraction (Blu-Ray) - Glenn Close gets all scary. Rabbits run and hide.
The Cleaner Season One - Benjamin Bratt stars in one of the worst shows on TV.
Perry Mason Season Four Volume One - Still cool, still unnecessarily split into volumes.
Indecent Proposal (Blu-Ray) - This movie always sucked. Still does.
Blue Gold - World Water Wars in documentary form. Eye opening.
Killer at Large - Documentary about how being fat is killing us all.
Addicted To Plastic - Documentary about how plastic is killing us all.
The Bodyguard 2 - Sequel to The Bodyguard One! Tony Jaa returns, briefly.
The Bodyguard - Tony Jaa makes a cameo. That's the best reason to watch.
Nothing But the Truth - Kate Beckinsale goes to jail. Really good movie.

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