Thursday, June 25, 2009

My backyard is so full of life.

There is a lot of wildlife in my backyard. I think the lady who in my house before used to be all about feeding the birds. I think this because when I moved in the trees where jammed full of bird feeders and there were birdbaths in the corners. I'm quite the sleuth, aren't I? Now, the birds keep coming because the bugs are everywhere, and I don't have to remember bird feeders, so everyone wins. (The bird feeders appeared to actually be squirrel feeders anyway - maybe she was all about feeding the squirrels, and I'm not a brilliant deducer after all). So I've got bugs (which my dog eats), birds (which my dog chases), chipmunks (she stalks those), rabbits (she scares them) and squirrels (they scare her).

But now, I have two favourite animals in my backyard. One is a crow that often sits on top of my shed. This bird, although it's a crow, and they're pretty darn ugly and unpleasant and they sometimes chase the cute little chipmunks which distresses my girlfriend, is awesome. It's awesome because it has become the nemesis of my dog. And Muffin desperately needed a nemesis. She has several protectors, several subservient rabbits and chipmunks, and a couple of rabbits who occasionally join her on play dates. But my dog is an angry, barky little jerk, and she needs a nemesis, a wisecracking alter-ego, a Joker to her Batman. And this crow fits the bill (no pun intended!) and then some. It sits on top of the shed, and it barks at her. In fact, it sounds almost exactly like my dog. And Muffin barks back. And the crow looks down, (way down - she's about seven inches high) and cocks it's head, laughs at her a bit, then barks some more. And it's hilarious.

Come to think of it, my little dog, if she were a huge dog, would be a savage maniac. Perhaps she's the villain here - like, she's Moriarty and the crow is Sherlock Holmes. Wow, that was a weak analogy. The other animal I love in my backyard scares the hell out of the dog. It's a bumblebee, which is pretty normal, but it's the size of my fist. My girlfriend recently commented that she could see this bee all the way across the yard. I thought that was an understatement. I could see this bee from space. It's monstrous. It was in the basement, flying around, when we met the first time, and with some help from the kids, I managed to trap it in a Maytag box and release it outside. Now, it hangs around and I see him every day. And for such a large bee, it's pretty sneaky. I would think you could hear it flying, like a Spitfire buzzing the tower, but no. It's stealthy. Which means it sometimes flies right past my head, and I think someone's throwing a baseball at me. And the dog takes off across the lawn as though Freddy Krueger just showed up in the backyard. (Freddy Krueger, I assume, started with dogs like all serial killers. I also assume that Muffin knows this.) And the crow laughs at her some more.


  1. LOL...great stories, well told. Crows are very clever birds. I really like them (except when they gang up in a murder outside my window and try to shout down the heavens). And they're quite beautiful, if you really have a look at them. One fell out of a tree and died in my hands one day years ago, and ever since then, I've had a new appreciation for their beauty and intelligence.

  2. You are quite the story teller Eric!
    I am still laughing:)