Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I just bought $5,000 worth of meat.

My girlfriend somehow got in touch with these people who deliver meat to your house. They sent a representative to my house on Monday for a meeting, which was kind of like one of those Tupperware-type deals that I understand strange people do. Only this one was cool, because it was about meat. All the meat these guys provide is from local farmers (within a 100 km radius of Ottawa) which is important to me - good for the environment, good for the local economy. The meat is all grain-fed and corn-fed. Well, that's not true. The cows and pigs are grain-fed and corn-fed. The meat comes from them. Which is important too - no hormones or chemicals and other bad stuff. Which is good for the ol' health. And of course I am now a health nut. The meat is flash-frozen, which is best for retaining flavour, and that's good for the ol' tastebuds.

They're bringing me a freezer too, which is terrific. I don't have the cubic foot capacity in my little fridge-freezer to accomodate that much meat. And soon, I will have enough beef and chicken and pork and...other stuff I can't last a year. I can't remember because I got a little excited and ordered some strange and exotic things. Ox, and the like. What's great too is that the stuff I keep around for days when I'm too lazy or busy to cook anything elaborate (which happens about once a week), I get that too - Kraft dinner, cereal, pasta, sauce, salsa, condiments, and pretty much anything that could concievably last a year. Which means that as soon as my order arrives, I will be shopping only for milk, cheese, bread and fresh vegetables. And I'm paying far less per week than I do right now.

This is the greatest idea ever. Support local farmers, help the environment, get better tasting meat, save money, boost the local economy and have food at your fingertips year round. The only problem I can see is that I ordered several different types of steak, and a lot of it. And there is a (very) good chance that I will eat steak. Every day. Until it is gone. Which, considering I will have that much steak around, could last more than a week. I could be out of food and 400 pounds by the time September comes. Not only that, but if I'm having a party or something I can order a ton more meat for that particular event, cheaper and better than stuff in the grocery stores. Which again seems dangerous to me. I've eaten all my steak, I'll just order more! I remember one summer (1998, I believe), when I was making more money than I had ever seen in my life, I went out for steak with my co-workers every single night. I put on 40 pounds that summer alone. This summer, I will be careful. Probably.

These guys are, at the moment, too small to advertise I think. It appears to be a thing that becomes known entirely by word-of-mouth. So if anyone is ineterested in getting a year's worth of meat, send me an email and I'll put you in touch - - I can't yet vouch for the taste, because my food hasn't yet arrived, but I can vouch for a good presentation.


  1. Well then Eric, I guess I will be invited for bbq steak this summer!
    I like it medium lol.

  2. I don't know...medium? I'm barely sure what that means. My biggest concern, actually, is the cooking of the steak. I have become something of a master at the ol' steak-bbq of late, but this new steak I'll be getting has no fat at all, and I'm told that means it cooks much differently. And I have to keep a real close eye on it or it will burn. So, how's well-done?

  3. Well I guess it will have to do, jus as long as it doesnt taste like rubber lol.

  4. they came to our place and we figured out it was a rip off. We found it strange that they could not tell us exactly how much meat we would get. For that price you could buy several full cows from a local farmer.