Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy week, busy weekend...

It has been a busy week. Studying for math (he did well on the exam - success!) Monday and Tuesday, yardwork and haircuts and so forth. Haircuts because I have Woody's wedding coming up on Saturday, and we all just discovered that we have to wear suits, which means that I will have to reach deep into the chair in my bedroom to extract my suit from between the cushions and then hang it on the back of the door until Saturday to get the wrinkles out. Yesterday was the annual general meeting for Operation Go Home, which was held in a giant church and just went over the successes of the past year and so forth.

Congratulations, however, to Pierre Belanger who won the Street Guardian of the Year Award. Pierre is the chariman of the board, and was re-elected to that postition shortly after the AGM thanks to his tireless efforts and hard work on behalf of the organization. Pierre is close to becoming a man of God - he is going to be a deacon - and he knows not to make me upset because I have some pictures that might make the church folk think do one Rocky Horror event and it haunts you forever...

Today, we are launching the new look and vision of Operation Go Home - it will have a new name and a new logo and a new campaign - all of this will be revealed at the breakfast at the Courtyard restaurant this morning. that will be going from 7:30 - 9:00, and I will be there during the show today. Then it's off to Loch March golf course for the Soloway Jewish Community Centre golf tournament - last year they raised a huge amount of money, and it was a great event. Looking forward to this one too.

Tomorrow, it's Rock Band at Bayshore, with all those great prizes and some solid video game action, which will be fun, and then Saturday I have that Woody guy's wedding. My girlfriend is already laying out my clothes for that one. Mrs. Woody was right - it IS the women who get worried about that sort of thing. Maybe I'll wear my suit golfing today, just to shake those wrinkles out.

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