Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alice Cooper tribute show tonight at Lone Star

Tonight, at the Lone Star near the St. Laurent shopping centre, Gamut is putting on an Alice Cooper tribute show with special guests Cl!ck and The Perrier & Birtch Jam. They sent me a big poster and a bunch of information on the show, but I can't attend because of a prior Operation Go Home commitment. So I thought at the very least I would give their show a plug - 8:00 tonight, Lone Star 1211 Lemieux Street, $12 cover charge at the door. They also sent me four tickets, which I will be unable to use, so I will leave them at the reception desk today. First person to ask for them gets them. To see more about Gamut and their show, click here. I am told, in the note that accompanied the tickets and poster, that they do the full theatrical Alice Cooper show. Should be fun!

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