Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What gives?

On the O'Reilly Factor show I PVR'd a few days ago, he did that smug thing he always does at the end of the show, where he looks extremely self-satisfied and says a Word that People Might Not Know. His quote is always about his emails, and he always says something along the lines of "when writing to me, please do not be ______", and then he smirks and looks smug. A couple of days ago, he said "please do not be mendacious", then went on for some time about how He, Himself, is occasionally "mendacious", but he is occasionally driven to it, but that His viewers ought to try NOT to be "mendacious" even though He Himself sometimes is. How come no one has brought this up? How come no one has made fun of this? All the Olbermans I've PVR'd this week have apparently ignored this genius tidbit from Billo the Clown. He admits - that every now and then - he lies? On his show? Where are the left-wing anti-Billo loonies on this one? Maybe they tune out before he gets to his bag of idiot email. Made me laugh though.



  2. I caught that Bill O'Reilly gaff as well, Eric, and I am also surprised that no one else seemed to roll with it. He basically just admitted to lying on his own show, and nothing in response from anybody on the left? What gives is right! I even tried to fire off an e-mail to clown the clown as it were but apparently you can't even send Billy boy an e-mail unless you a paying member on his website! Not that he would have read it anyway. The guy is such a sleaze that even he admits it!