Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Toys For Boys 10

And a good time was had by all...I love the fact that we're holding these events at Philthy McNasty's now. It means good food, beer, and a decidedly more informal but more intimate atmosphere. I met many of the listeners I meet at all these events, and had some good conversations with Hans, Sean, and dozens of others. I also had a good burger. If you're at Philthy's, I highly recommend the Prime Minister Burger - it's as big as Stephen Harper's head, and twice as delicious. Congratulations to Caroline Homsy, the big winner in this tenth Toys event - you can check out a ton of photos from the night here.

Over the course of the contest, I got to hang out at Gearhead, Bushtukah, and Philthy's, and big thanks to all the people at all those places who made me feel welcome. Great stores, great restaurant - and big thanks to Mark from Performance Mazda for entertaining my girlfriend all night at the Toys For Boys party. In the meantime, I talked to a ton of people who seem to think I've got a keeper. $50 fora wedding dress? Solid, they said. Sure, I had to go to a cake-tasting event on Monday. With a lovely woman named Judy who does some lovely cakes. And I got ribbed for that a fair amount. After all - the cake isn't for me, or my girlfriend. Everyone else is eating it. So what do we care how it tastes? (In the end, I chose at least one flavour, for the three-part cake, assuming no one will eat it and I can take it home.)

Randall and I managed to watch the hockey game on the TV above the Toys For Boys stage, because Boston was going to force a game 7 and that was important. I lost a trivia contest to the biggest Who fan in Ottawa outside - the name of the band, in correct order, went from the Detours to The Who to the High Numbers to The Who. Just so you all know. Anyway, congratulations once again to Caroline, we'll be talking to her this morning!

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