Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Totally hilarious.

This may be the funniest take on FOX News since Jon Stewart examined Bill O'Reilly's tendency to bash the paparazzi for their aggressive tactics (leave Angelina Jolie alone!) while sending out his own bizarre producers to stalk people who criticized him...then the whole thing reached critical mass when he was criticized by...Angelina Jolie...and his stalker producer fought through the paparazzi to harass her. But that was brief and priceless. This is seven and a half minutes of utter hilarity. Charlie Brooker is magnificent!

I'm watching O'Reilly on the PVR right now as I type this - because he is almost as funny himself as the clip - and, amazingly, he didn't take total credit for Jon Stewart apologizing for calling Truman a war criminal! Maybe he's becoming more self-aware...and as such less funny...I hope not. Oh - scratch that. He's comparing himself to Jack Bauer again, and playing clips of Janeane Garofalo's lip quivering. On the TV show. 24. Take that, actress! Good to see O'Reilly hasn't lost his...unique...sense of perspective.


  1. Eric, I now believe that Glenn Beck is a bigger threat to the sanity of Americans than Bill O'Reilly. With O'Reilly, he has one emotion - self-righteous anger. Which is fine if you happen to think along the same lines. But Beck actually has some emotional range (I question the legitmacy of his crying act, but nonetheless). It's a lot easier to sympathize with a man who is crying than it is to sympathize with one who yells louder than you and believes that makes him right.

    Still, Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck are all just different heads on FOX's neo-con propaganda Cerberus. I'd love to see the Cerberus take on Keith Olbermann in a 'who is more self-righteous and delusional' contest.

  2. Agreed. Beck is funnier to me than O'Reilly - but that also means he speaks to the lunatic fringe in the States better than Billo. His weeping, earnest, maniac act can mobilize people to insane acts...like teabagging. I think Bill wins the self-righteous battle, hands down, with Olberman finishing second. But Beck far and away wins the delusional contest, with Hannity running far behind. And all of them make me laugh. And all of them make me scared.