Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A plea for pizza.

OK. I'm going to say this only once, as I believe it needs to be said. Gabriel's Pizza has made us an offer we can't refuse. They are partering with us to help out the Doc And Woody Fund, and at the end of this month they will be launching the "Doc And Woody" pizza. One dollar from each medium and two dollars from every large "Doc And Woody" pizza ordered will go to the Doc and Woody Fund for the operating rooms at CHEO. This is great. However, it has sparked an inordinately complex and contentious discussion about what, exactly, ought to go on that pizza. There is a section in the CHEZ nation where people can vote on the toppings they would like to see on their pizza, and people have been voting.

This is not working. We had a meeting yesterday morning, and the top three toppings, as chosen so far by the CHEZ nation, are pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. BIG WHOOP. So, not only has the CHEZ nation chosen, (so far) the most boring pizza imaginable, they have also chosen the one pizza everyone already has on their menu. To "create" a Doc and Woody pizza does not mean re-naming an existing Gabriel's Pizza menu item. I means creating one. Not only that, but chosing based on votes is silly. What if half the people love pineapple, and the other half love green pepper? You just can't put those two things together and make a pizza work.

However, I am willing to work within this framework, as long as it achieves the desired results - a NEW pizza, one that is delicious, and one that people might want to order, but one that does not already exist. So here is my plea. I order from Gabriel's a lot. Because it is the best pizza, and I'm not just saying that because they are the sponsor here. It really is. You don't need extra cheese on a Gabriel's pizza, because it is already loaded with tasty cheese. You don't need to go all thin-crust hotiy toity, because the standard crust is excellent. When I order from Gabriel's, I order this: Chicken strips, bacon strips and green olives. That's it. And it is magnificent. So here is my proposal: Go vote, and make chicken bacon and green olives the top three toppings. And we all go home happy. Seriously, do it now, right here.


  1. just a sec Eric... if we nominate a boring but often purchased pizza as the "Doc & Woody" special... wouldn't that make more $$ for the fund because they would be selling a whole lot of em anyway??

    We couldn't make money off of... perish the thought... people who don't even listen to the radio could we!

    Great party last night even if # 30 didn't win.
    Later... Mark

  2. It WAS a great party - and you're right, in a way. But if we're going to do that, why not just say "two dollars from every large Combination pizza" goes to the Doc And Woody fund? Why bother calling it the "Doc and Woody pizza"?

  3. My votes goes for pepperoni, strips of bacon and hot peppers..great pizza.