Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My hair is purple. Ish.

I got to meet a lovely young woman from Osgoode Township High School yesterday. Jess Breton is 15 years old, in Grade 10, and she is obviously a take-the-world-by-the-horns kind of kid. Her school (population 700 or so) is doing a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society on Friday with the Relay For Life, and today they are dyeing some kids' hair purple. (This is, believe it or not, a reward for having raised a certain amount of money - if you meet the target, you get to dye your hair purple.) Last year, this small high school raised $35,000 through this event, and over the past four years they have managed to get about $90,000. Which is remarkable for such a small place.

So Jess came in and dyed my hair purple. Since I'm getting married in about six weeks, I am hoping the purple comes out before then. Not because I care about having purple hair during the thirty-second ceremony, but rather because my girlfriend cares about me having purple hair during the ceremony. We rinsed the dye out fairly quickly, and didn't let it set for the full half hour. So it's not so bad right now. But I was worried about it all day. I was desperate for a nap, after getting about an hour's worth of sleep following Fogerty Monday night. But I was terrified of leaking purple dye onto the couch or the bed while I slept. So I didn't nap. Instead I tried to find ways to stay awake. So I worked out.

I put on Cannon Season Two and started working out. I was at the end of the first episode, about an hour in, when I realized that the towel wrapped around my barbell was purple. Totally purple. I paused the DVD just as William Conrad was throwing a couch cushion at a bad guy with a gun (he was too fat to fight anyone) and ran upstairs. The hair dye, mingled with my sweat, was pouring down my face. It was everywhere. My face, my back, my shoulders were all streaked with purple sweat trails. Remember that scene in Carrie where she gets covered in pig's blood? That was me. Except it was purple. And it wasn't blood. So it wasn't nearly as gross.

So I quickly showered. And scrubbed. And rinsed. And repeated. Six times. By the time I was done, the towel I used to dry my hair didn't turn purple, so I figured I was OK. Now my hair just has a purple tinge, while my scalp and skin remain bright purple.


  1. All for a good cause Eric!

  2. Geessss Eric! are you trying to be the purple Teletubby! lollol

  3. Too bad you aren't a blond.
    My daughter and her friends used to color there hair with...
    wait for it...

    Yep it worked great and washed out pretty easily.