Friday, May 8, 2009

Because Star Trek is out in full release today...

I thought I would compile a series of William Shatner fight scenes. Let's start with the best one ever...that slow-moving guy with the green monster head and the foam rocks.

OK, now how about that famous but ludicrous scene where Kirk fights Spock?

And an amusing video where Shatner fights everyone...

I can't find that fight where Shatner fights himself in Star Trek VI, or was it Star Trek V...I can't remember, they all run together. So instead, I will put this in...because I can't get enough Shatner-on-Shatner violence, here is the final, powerful scene from the atrocious 1960s western White Comanche:

OK. That's all the Shatner fighting I can handle. Enjoy Star Trek!


  1. All that's missing is Shatner fighting with the vocal mic as he records his unspeakable version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"...

  2. He fought himself in Star Trek VI.

    Real Kirk - "I can't believe that I kissed you"
    Fake Kirk - "It must have been your lifelong ambition"

    Nicely done. He admits that he's in love with himself.