Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Genie pictures...

These pictures were sent to me by Penny from the Manor Park Chronicle. She was my "partner in crime" on the Genies red carpet (although we committed very few actual crimes). Thanks Penny!

Sarah Polley shows up in a dress...she walks around...

Sarah Polley stops to talk to me briefly before being whisked away by that dude behind her. At first I thought he was standing behind her to make fun of my questions. Then I realized he was making some kind of "wrap it up" sign. Perhaps I would have understood if I worked in television.

Gordon Pinsent poses with the Mounties. The red-carpet-ready, photo-posing mounties. Pinsent is a very cool older man. Very nice.

George Strombolopolous stops to pose for a picture with me and Penny. He seemed used to the whole picture-posing thing. I appear to be more taken aback.

George Stromboluppagus answers my Tragically Hip questions. I told him I thought the Hip's newest album was their best one in years. Technically, that was true.

Dave Foley stops for a picture. He was tough to nail down - running around a lot, talking to everybody.

Kristin Booth stops to pose with the two posable Mounties. She was the most fun of anyone on the red carpet, and when she won Best Supporting Actress, she gave the best acceptance speech of anyone. (Anyone notice that although Global TV managed to bleep the title of her movie, Young People F**ing, when the nominees were announced, and when the winner was announced, but missed the bleep when she walked up on stage and said "I'm so f***ing excited"?)

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