Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Cynical Cinema today.

Because I want to figure out how to embed links...I'm giving this a go.

New releases April 28th (A full listing of all movies and Blu-Rays out today)

Hotel For Dogs

The Uninvited

Battle In Seattle

Le Grand Depart (Honey, I'm In Love)

Affaire De Famille

Toute La Beaute Du Monde

Romeo Et Juliette / Aurore Double Feature

Monica La Mitraille (Machine Gun Molly) / Dans L'Oeil Du Chat (In The Eye of the Cat) Double Feature

Ron White: Behavioural Problems

Elmo And Friends: Tales of Adventure

Mission: Impossible Season Six

Star Trek, the Original Series Season One on Blu-Ray

And...it works! I can embed links! All the movies listed above come out on DVD today.

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