Thursday, April 2, 2009

Losing weight through brute force...the aftermath.

Since losing 40 pounds, it hasn't been much of a struggle for me to keep with the program I began. In an effort to make a big final push, I avoided all carbs and dairy products, which was a substantial struggle. It has been a relief to go back to eating sandwiches with bread and hamburgers with buns and putting cheese on my omeletes. But over the course of the ten weeks where I was eating five or six times a day, I developed some habits that are carrying over. I would purchase a certain amount of vegetables - celery, green pepper, carrots, cucumber, etc. I would chop them up the day I got them and put them in containers in the fridge so that for the next week, I would have easy and quick access to them when I put lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber on a wrap, or in an omelete, or whatever.

This is a habit I plan to continue. A couple of days ago I went grocery shopping and chopped up the onion and the tomato and the green pepper and so on and so forth, which makes eating the stuff I like that much easier every morning. I have also discovered that food I cook myself almost always tastes better than any food I might purchase. I'm still stocking the fridge with a few frozen pizzas for days when I forget to defrost meat or I have no time to actually prepare food (like last night when I spent an hour and a half doing algebra with my step-son), but for the most part I am cooking every day. Because of our schedules, my girlfriend and I usually eat at different times. It was always too much effort for me to cook something large just for myself. Now, I am making an effort to cook something that will keep until the rest of the family gets home so they can eat it right away for supper.

I have become quite a good chili cook, I make a mean beef stew, I have all kinds of ways to make eggs, I have tried some fish recipes with varying success, and I make some fantastic hamburgers. Yesterday, I was eating hamburgers that I had made myself with oatmeal and soy sauce and Montreal Steak Spice and so forth, and a Wendy's commercial came on TV with the bacon and the cheese and the delicious looking stuff on it. And for maybe the first time in my life, I had no urge to run off to Wendy's and eat it. I was so much happier with my own little homemade burger. This is good news.

And as for working out, I knew this would be the case - once I get into it, I find it hard to stop. The Greco Lean & Fit program was fantastic for getting into shape, and it certainly gave me some great ideas when it comes to cardio workout stuff and some weight stuff. But now, I have the time to go home and work out right after work, and I can do my own thing. That means if I want to work out for half an hour, I can. And sometimes that's all the time I have, with my strange schedule. Other days, I might have two hours, and I will spend an hour doing weights and then an hour on the rowing machine. It's more convenient, but it has reached the point where I just feel weird if I don't work out. I go to bed feeling weird, and I get antsy toward the end of the day.

So really, this is a response to all those who expressed dismay at my recent eight-pound weekend weight gain. I am not on the road back to uber-fatness, but because I keep doing these things, I will no longer be concerned about indulging in a weekend-long celebratory bender involving beer and lasagna and many donuts. Not that I ever was, eleven weeks ago.


  1. I am glad that you are keeping up with the good eating habits. Just reading this blog, made me hungry for healthy food! Keep up the good work!
    PS: I hate algebra (lol)

  2. Way to go Eric show them at chez that you can do it. We are behind you 100%

  3. I love algebra...but I'm a gigantic nerd...