Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a fond memory of my childhood...

Thank you, Burger King, for reviving my childhood memories. Anyone remember Sir Mix-A-Lot? I sure do. I had all his CDs. At least, his first three. After that, if he made any more, I was unaware of his continued existence. But I think most of us remember his classic one-hit wonder tune, "Baby Got Back". What drove me nuts about Mix-A-Lot, years ago, was that he was a very articulate man with some insightful political ideas, and he had the capacity to write a really biting, clever, and powerful political song. And he did, once or twice. However, he preferred to write tunes like "Put 'Em On The Glass", and "Mack Daddy", and "Baby Got Back". All of which were fun, and thumping, but not exactly intellectually brilliant.

Now the irony. "Baby Got Back" was yanked from video channels in 1993 because it "promoted sexuality"...or, in other words, it featured female bums in bathing suits, and that could offend children who happened across the video. Oh, how times have is Sir Mix A Lot, appearing in a Burger King commercial that promotes the brand new Burger King Spongebob Squarepants themed Happy Meal for 99 cents. Presumably, this commercial is to run during episodes of Spongebob. Go, Mix-A-Lot! I, for one, am glad you're still alive.

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